Jigsaw Therapy - paediatric physiotherapy
Physiotherapists are highly trained in movement analysis

Physiotherapist can help those living with a disability or injury that is affecting their participation with functional activities through a wide range of treatment options.

Physiotherapists or ‘physios’ support children and adolescents with their gross motor skills to enhance participation in activities of daily living, thereby assisting them to achieve their goals.

Physiotherapists are highly trained in movement analysis and tailor each assessment to the individual needs of the person. A physiotherapist will review how a person moves, highlight their strengths and investigate areas of difficulty. Analysis of the results will lead to a discussion with the person in regards to things that may be limiting improvement or learning of a new skill. A physiotherapist will support people with disabilities by discussing goals, assessment through breaking down of movement and skills to increase participation and ensure clients have access to the tools to achieve their goals. Physiotherapists aim to work collaboratively with the person and their support networks using an evidence-based approach.

It is also recommended that as a person grows, regular checks are completed to ensure they are being optimally supported. This ensures that any changes are monitored and appropriate strategies and solutions are implemented.

We recommend you see a physiotherapist if you have any of the following concerns:

  • How your child moves, plays or engages in recreational activities such as sports or groups

  • Delay in age-appropriate milestones such as sitting, standing, crawling and walking

  • Increased falls / clumsiness

  • Reduced ability to use both sides of their body in isolation or together

  • If you have had Botulinum Toxin – A (Botox)

Hydrotherapy – coming soon!