Iris completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) Physiotherapy in 2014 from St John’s University in York, England. Iris then went on to complete her clinical rotations at the Cumberland Infirmary and Penrith Community Hospital in the neurology, intensive care, acute admission and respiratory wards. After completing her rotation, Iris moved to New Zealand in 2015 where she worked for a private community organisation supporting clients in Auckland with musculoskeletal injuries, amputation and brain injuries following an accident. Seven months later Iris relocated to Australia where she worked for a not-for-profit organisation, supporting children living with a range of disabilities in regional and metropolitan settings. Iris then went on to work for a private national organisation in a clinical leadership role, driving best practice for paediatric intervention while developing a new graduate, multidisciplinary program.

Iris has worked with a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to: Cerebral Palsy, Degenerative Muscular Disorder, Developmental Delay, Brain Injury, and Autism.

Iris founded Jigsaw Therapy in 2021. Iris’s skills, knowledge, and passions lie in supporting clients and families living with a physical disability. She also has a passion for increasing mental health knowledge and awareness and supporting clients through transitional milestones whilst living with a disability. She does this through a multidisciplinary, client-centred, and goal focused approach.

In her spare time she volunteers for the State Emergency Service and enjoys taking her dog Evie to the beach.

Jigsaw Therapy - Iris Leeson