Paediatric Neuropsychology Assessments

Paediatric Neuropsychology Assessments2023-08-09T11:17:11+09:30

Why would a child need a neuropsychology assessment?

Neuropsychologists can answer a variety of referral questions. You may want to know why your child is struggling at school and what you or their teachers can do to help them. If your child has a brain injury you may want to understand how this affects their cognitive functioning. Similarly, if your child has a disability you may want a better understanding of how the disability influences their learning style and how they learn best.

Neuropsychologists can diagnose intellectual disability, specific learning disorders such as dyslexia, ADHD and acquired brain injuries.

Child Neuropsychology Assessments
Neuropsychology Assessments
What does a neuropsychology assessment involve

What does a neuropsychology assessment involve?

The neuropsychologist will first review any medical records that have been provided. Then they will come to your home and talk with you (the parents or guardians of the child) to gain an understanding of the concern and gather background information. They will ask you about your child’s early development, medical history, school performance, mood and behaviour. This usually takes about an hour. The neuropsychologist may also ask you to fill out questionnaires about your child. They will then make contact with your child’s teacher to find out how they are going at school.

The testing takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours and is therefore broken into 2 testing sessions over 2 days. The testing involves your child looking at pictures, answering questions, using blocks, and paper and pencil activities. You will need to provide a quiet and private room with a table and chairs.

The neuropsychologist will then write a comprehensive report and arrange a feedback session where the results and recommendations of the assessment will be explained. This usually takes about an hour. They can also provide feedback to schools if you wish.

What can’t the neuropsychologist do?2022-07-22T10:49:26+09:30

The neuropsychologist doesn’t provide psychotherapy. This is the role of a general or clinical psychologist.

They also can’t provide Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. There are specialised services for this.

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Jigsaw Therapy provides in-home neuropsychology assessments for children aged 4-16

Neuropsychology looks at brain function by assessing different thinking skills (cognitive functioning). Your neuropsychologist will use tests to measure areas such as attention, thinking speed, verbal skills, visual skills, intelligence, memory, problem solving, and impulse control. For more information please contact us.

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